Before being used and shaped into products, cellular foams are delivered in large bulky blocks. To be able to cut them into various shapes, the factory first has to get rid of the surface skin with irregular bumps. Theses great shreds of scraps are called the "scabs" and are unusable as their thickness and colors differ from fall to fall, and their softness prevent them from being recycled. 
However, they still hold their mecanical property : sound insulation, thermal insulation, flexibility, softness...
Crust is a small serie of objects designed from these cellular foam scraps, palying with theyr plasticities (chair), colors (lamps), and insulating properties (carpets).
The foam is supplied by the Plastiforms factory (Magnac-Bourg, France). This projects follows the Design & Territory project, initiative motivated by Yocto design agency (Limoges) and its partners in the region Nouvelle Aquitaine.​​​​​​​
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